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Wishsurfing transforms and simplifies the method of granting the modest wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses or life-limiting conditions. Choose a child’s wish to support from Wishsurfing’s verified data base of deserving sick kids in your country - and make a contribution of your choice. The cost and process are transparent and there are no credit card or administration fees for donors. Which wish will you choose?

Wishsurfing run by the Children's Fantasy Foundation

There are compassionate people the world over. Many choose to support the wish-granting organizations that make dreams come true for sick and less fortunate children, whose circumstances touch all our hearts.

We tend to hear more about the children’s luxurious dreams, whereas in reality most of their wishes are humble. They can be small everyday items that help make their lives more bearable, such as:

Laptops, smartphones, gaming devices, televisions, bikes, toys, furniture, clothes, etc. Some wish for the uplifting experience of: going to a sports event or concert, having a beauty makeover, meeting a celebrity, or taking a break from their daily struggles with a short trip to the mountains or seaside. Others wish for rehabilitation or exercise equipment to help them on their road to recovery and to improve their quality of life.

Wishsurfing focusses on these, and all other, modest wishes and limits the maximum retail cost of a wish to the local currency equivalent of $5000 Canadian so that as many sick children as possible may have their dreams fulfilled. There is no minimum value.

Wishsurfing radically transforms the traditional methods of donating and wish-granting and ensures that the process of making a wish come true for a sick child is transparent and cost-effective.


Allows prospective sponsors to:

  • Independently search through Wishsurfing’s data base of verified and deserving children, aged 3-19, who suffer from a life-threatening or life-limiting condition or disability. For Rehabilitation wishes, the age limit is extended to include youth up to 24 years old.
  • Choose a wish child to support - and their wish to grant.
  • Make an on-line contribution towards part or all of the child’s wish.


Displays the full cost of making the child’s wish come true, including:

  • The retail cost of the wish item - gift wrapped and delivered to the child, together with other surprise presents, at home or in hospital,


  • The retail cost of the wish experience – with gift wrapped memento.

  • A personalized greeting card to the child and their family, with the names of each sponsor of the wish.


Has no additional fees:

  • No administration fee; No processing/credit card fees.
  • No requests for additional “discretionary donations”.

Visit your country’s wishsurfing site today.

Which wish will you choose?